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Last updated: 12 April 2020


My wife and I are each working half time and home-educating our kids half time since school closed as part of the Covid-19 measures. We’re very fortunate that we work for ourselves and that our work is flexible because - it made adapting to this new routine relatively easy. Steph teaches the kids each morning covering reading, writing and math, then I teach the kids each afternoon covering PE, math, and typing practice. When Steph and I want to work together then the kids get some iPad time.

It’s amazing seeing the kids learn typing. By the end of the Covid-19 lockdown they’ll be expert typists!

We’re living in a townhouse in Perth in Western Australia. It’s a great location close to parks. It doesn’t have a garden but we’ve set up an indoor gymnastics bar at the right height for the kids (and I can just about use it too if I lift up my legs).

Online Business

My wife and I are thinking about what direction to take our business homemade-gifts-made-easy.com for the next level of growth. Potential directions include (but are not limited to):

  1. Scale up content creation with the intent to monetise with either ads or affiliates.
  2. Scale up product creation, using a content marketing strategy to attract customers.
  3. Scale up product creation, but create our own affiliate scheme as a way to attract customers.

My criteria for the direction are that it should (a) play to our strengths (b) add value to the world and (c) be hard for other people to copy. That makes me lean toward either 2 or 3, because option 1 requires the least skill.


Having used the Clojure language for hobby projects for over a year, I’m now learning Clojurescript, especially Re-Frame, which is Clojurescript’s equivalent to React + Redux. I’m loving learning it.

My eventual aim is to rewrite our poster generators so that the poster renders and updates in the browser instantly as the user types their text. I think that would be a far superior user experience compared to our current poster generators where the user needs to click “preview” to see their changes. Instant feedback could be a powerful tool to help users unlock their own creativity, as per Brett Victor’s famous talk Inventing on Principle.


I’ve been using The Movement Athlete app for gymnastics / calisthenics style workouts and really enjoying the variety of the exercises. I have a niggling shoulder issue (scapular dyskinesis) so I’m taking it pretty easy.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea of creating Now Page.

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